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ViewforView is an automatic traffic exchange, View exchange. Joining our system, you can receive tens of thousands of visits per day from thousands of members around the world. We offer many options that you can flexibly configure your website, video and fully control the traffic, view in your way.

With the enthusiasm of the development team and the unique features that cannot be found in other systems, the number of members is continuously increasing day by day. Viewforview would like to bring you the best web traffic solution! Sign up for a free account today!



As more video views you have, more well positioned will be your videos and your profile in Youtube.


Increase your credibility quickly getting your first followers very easily.


Position your videos getting likes from other users.


You only need to click the play button and the player will automatically watch videos for you in background to gain credit.


The more views your videos have the better positioned your brand will be.


As more views, likes and followers you have, better positioned you will be and people will find your videos easily.

How It Works


Step 1: Register An Account

ViewForView registration is free and fast. You can start exchanging views in just 30 seconds.


Step 2: Earn Free Points

Install our extension and start earning free points by watching other user's videos.


Step 3: Boost Your Video

Create a campaign for your video and skyrocket your views.

Frequently Asked Questions

Campaigns allow you to share your video to the community.

You can create and manage campaigns in the Campaigns section in our Dashboard.

When you create a campaign, you can set the time range that other users should watch your video, and choose the country where your viewers from.

When someone watches your campaign, they receive points from you

You can earn free points by watching other users' campaigns using our ViewForView Extension

You can also purchase coins using Paypal, and convert from coin to poin in the Purchase section in our Dashboard

Our ViewForView Extension is an extension that helps us automatically watch videos and earn free points

Go to the Earn Points section in our Dashboard. You will find a link to the Extension.

After you've installed the Extension. Click Start watching to start the Extension. Our Extension will find suitable campaign links from other users and open them in a new tab

Click Stop watching to stop the earning process.

No. Our system is completely automatic.


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